Sunday, 15 February 2009

Well Come!


  1. Thank you for visting this blog which aims to facilitate discussion between and act as a forum for Paleolibertarians and traditional Conservatives. It has been created with the idea that a 'meeting place' should exist with the specific intention of encouraging discussion between Libertarians and Conservatives and the discovery of common ground; furthermore, as a place of discussion regarding the politico-cultural events of our time. Paleolibertarianism as a concept was established by libertarians Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell who sought to differentiate 'original' or authentic libertarianism from the 'left-libertarianism' that arose from the 1960s/'70s counter-culture ( and which is merely liberal relativism in another guise ) and the libertinism which so often masquerades as libertarianism ( which likes the individual freedom bit but is not so keen on the personal responsibility aspect! ). Essentially, Paleolibertarianism is anarcho-capitalist in regard to politics/ economics and culturally conservative. The paleolibertarians recognise the mutual dependence of these two concepts; freedom can only survive upon a bedrock of traditional virtues and liberty is essential in order to pursue the good - however one may conceive it. So, then, this is to be a meeting place, a 'salon' of kindred spirits, finding common ground and discussing the current affairs of our age. All of goodwill are Well Come!